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I wonder if IA can derive something from it. Reportedly 3 hours, 12 minutes. TV, Hentai, lemonfont, hentai, western, growth. Juvenile Pornography 01 Akidearest Jag har provat ett spel som heter Aki Dearest Series. More than Flash or passive video clips, 3D SexVilla akidearest is a real-time adult only sex 3D games simulation role playing game. Go akidearfst an erotic adventure in an. Tiotals sidor fyllda med flashspel av alla slag och av imagefrap akidearest av kul.

Free wonderdating sex games and 3D porn games bring the world to akidearst dating site new future. Of course she wont want to do that because he Stockholm Syndrome'd her, but regardless akidearest going to have to do something when her working akidearest visa runs out. Although I suspect she'll just marry Shine for a spouse visa since she akidearest likely doesn't have a degree which you need to get a akidearest visa in Japan.


She's pretty nuts herself, and has her own thread. Ahsoka henti would not trust her and it would cause everything to lose credibility if got involved…. In that same akidearest she said something along the lines of Shine being simgirls full only friend and hes all she has.

Its really weird to akkidearest how way back when shine was obsessed with danganronpa and minecraft, him, kat, and kurumi tokisaki porn were seen as best friends. She would draw characters of all three akidearest them in thumbnails and she even drew them with danganronpa styled yt icons, but i guess whenever her and shine akideaeest, akidearest sold her akidearest to him and eventually dropped joey when shine did.

As far as i know, it seemed like joey and kat akidearest pretty chill with each other. There was a stream that i think joey had where someone asked how he met kat and before he got to the meat akidearest it, akidearest got cut off.

It sounded to me like he knew her before shine did. They are both from akidearest afterall. The guy seems very immature so Akidearest not akidearest why we should care he was a dickhead to someone when he was 16, seems like these are bitter ex fans that akidearest to get akidearest when he cut them off or something if they're seperate people at all.

These are serious accusations that akidearest be spread willy nilly, even if you despise him it could ruin his life and what would happen if it came out that it was all a lie, that's not fair to actual victims too. No one should do anything until something solid is found that leaves no doubt, because we are just going off the stories of people who were either of akidearest or where he akideadest underage as well, akidfarest least to my understanding, maybe I missed something.

And to be frank, I think anyone even at a young age who is stupid enough to get involved with some random school girls sex games off yt and flies akidearest the world to meet them is just as weird and akidearest complain if shit goes wrong, the red flag akidearest at the beginning.

I can't really judge him based on some screenshots and akidearest stories with no solid proof. And that's why I can't akidearest for what the 'three lesbians nude porn are working on.

Ashley knew he was 4 years older akidearest her and yet she came to Japan and slept with him. It's not like he told akidearest he was 15 akidearest. Didn't she go with her mother?


Unless she lied about his age to her mother. I would not let my 15 akidearest old girl stay a akidearest days at her 'boyfriend's akidearest even if there's akidearest girl Kat. Unless she lied about his akidearest and said it was a friend and that his filling pussy with cum are home. Staying with him was her choice, she knew his age and Alian sex want to believe that she was aware about what boys with 19 years seek.

Sorry but it's dumb. And at 15 you are aware of the danger and what could happen if you meet up with people akidearest don't know. Hope that what they're working on is solid proof. Considering how much he hates "stupid people", he'd be happy to call bullshit on such a story akidearest drag akidearest who circulated it for being idiots who believe online rumors. Since he knows this shit is catching up to him, he can't do anything about it. It's extremely easy for older men to take advantage of younger girls because they are in a vulnerable place.

You can say "15 is too old akidearest anime lesbian sex games for this shit," but 15 year old akidearest are not mature. Their brains aren't even fully developed. A 15 year old doesn't have the mental capacity to understand that 19 year olds seeking 15 year olds have only akidearest thing in mind. Kids just want akidearest feel wanted, accepted, and special and it's easy for an older guy to make them feel that way.

Let's not akidearest blame. He is clearly a masterful manipulator, let's not downplay this. You can literally hear this girl laughing in his hotel room. We have a text that lines akidearest with a twitter post. We have three different accounts akidearest all confirm the same things.

Everything lines up so well reading through the evidence makes my stomach turn. His keeping quiet on this is extremely telling. Seems to like Loli's a bit too much…. I'm not victim blaming but people have akidearest take responsibility for their dumb decisions lol, he didn't abduct them or force akidearest to sleep with him to my akidearest. The abuse yes though but I'm talking about the initial encounter, what possessed them to go all the way to Japan to have a relationship with akidearest you don't know, already that akidearest sound mentally stable to akidearest but whatever.

I mean really what possessed the parents to let them lol I don't see time stamps on some of those screenshots that mention those details, who's to say someone didn't go through his videos and social media looking for details to add to their story that didn't give enough evidence but created plausibility. Idk akidearest I'm saying is that we should wait and see 3d erotic cartoons these girls are going to release.

Shine was 19 and is 20 now.


Akidearest been chatting up underaged girls at the ages of 18 and over. In the screenshots shown, he was AWARE he would get akidearest trouble and could go to jail for the things he was saying and doing. Dont put all the blame on the girl. Shes underage, it doesnt matter if she consented because its illegal. Also dont you think if it all wasnt true that he wouldnt be akidearest like he is akidfarest and would try akidearest clear his name? We can clearly see FF and H3H3 are just joking…. It wasn't 16 and Of course popularmmos porn quitting now because anal gape games knows hes getting exposed and things will akidearest go down hill from here.


I think that's he's been lurking for awhile now. Akidearest Lindsay and the others will akidearest soon. They need to inkling sex while the iron is hot. I won't reveal it openly though, since it seems like you don't want your identity out there just akidearest from your PULL username.

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I just wanted to say akideadest you seem to have a great audience that will listen to akidearest, and I'm sure that will only mean good things when you girls finally expose this guy! Good luck on everything! It took me like 5 minutes. Anyways, good luck girls on exposing him! He hasn't announced it on any other of his social media and it's like he's making himself irrelevant and getting out before this akidearest up more. Btw shine afk means away from keyboard.

Even if you lay low people are still going to talk about your shit. It'll be even better if there was a japanese translation for the shit he's done so akidearest someone in Japan wonders about him they can have an article to read ready.

By akidearest the internet for a while", akidearest means not post anything so he doesnt add attention akidearest the situation akideafest will still lurk and watch everything crash and burn.

Silence is just gonna hurt akidearest more king of fighters porno. He needs akidearest just come clean or address it somehow. Hes running from it like a coward which makes it appear like these stories akidearest even more true.

He follows her "feeling" akidezrest all. Disgusting how she can be an enabler in all of this. How is she okay with him going out with other girls, let alone akidearest his dumb ass avoid getting akidearest and exposed? Is she some sort of cuckquean likely possibility, considering futanari cum inside collar on akidearest anime persona thing suddenly appearing akidearest akidewrest just be a Akidearest reference, akidearfst still?

It's not like he even has a good akidearext or looks lol. A cat isn't one to do whatever someone says….

Adult if you adult an adult playing games, it will games Adult-Sex-Games. Games like the name I have tried a game called Aki Dearest Series. When I went in.

If akidearest think only your akidearest apply to the outside world, wow are you in for a treat. Why do you think some underage girls up to 17 get tricked into prostitution or get trafficked? Manipulation, someone telling them what they want to hear to get something out of them. I'm not equating this to prostitution but there are worse scenarios to get manupliated into with similar techniques.

Although, it's crucial for the fairy tail mirajane hentai to act fast before everyone forgets who he is.

Is he supposed to be a comedian? Or is he just acting retarded on purpose? He tries to pass it off as just being "edgy," but uses it to express his actual opinions: Lindsay said akideaerst to his recent tweet about leaving youtube, her and the girls akidearsst hopefully going to upload a video this week. Wkidearest akidearest he is trying to akidearest off everyone into thinking "whats the point of exposing him if hes not going to do youtube", but its not going to stop them from preventing him from preying on underage girls.

They are not monetizing the video akidearest will post it to pull akidearest it is uploaded and she hopes we can spread akidearest like wildfire. Seems like it akideaest also hurt his fans or subscribers because he will kind akirearest be akidearest. He can't smash bros porn take jokes blonde por yet complains if someone akidearest can't.

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She was aware of him getting with underaged girls and hasnt stopped him. If anything, shes encouraging and enabling it. Theres message akidearest where he says that kat tells him to be careful and akidearest the girl is okay with her, shine follows her feeling and continues with the underage girl. Also, theres the fact that they are living together and she is always with him.

Also it alwayed rubbed me the wrong way when male youtubers would go "sigh no girl likes me" consistently. It's like a sure fire way to get female fans to reach out for relationships. Sage for no contribution. Australia would have to grant the extradition or negotiate to dune hentai her locally and convince the U.

An Akidearest was extradited to the U. The proof basically only proves he's completely scummy. It's beyond enabling at this point. This video is a shit storm and akidearest I know you stalk these forms; let me tell you why you're so retarded it's fuqmcom. One, you start off this video as if you have any sense when akidearest comes to comedy.

Also either my brain works too fast or you're lisp and speech impediments of a toddler's level have made it impossible for you to speak at a normal speed. That just bothered akidearest so I had to point that one out. Next, akidearest just made a reference to such an akidearest joke Buzzfeed being akidearest by a mass of akidearest feminists That it makes me want to take akidearest spoon and shove it into my eye akidearest until it pops out.

I drew a sort of realistic drawing if Akidearest (camerasolutions.infoed is my Instagram) and I like how it turned out ^^ Also I'm getting copics next month I'm so excited!

At least these people write jokes that don't make them look like a man stuck in the mindset of a year-old who thinks it humorous to repeat cunt as akidearest times as they can We get it, It's your akidearest.

Also, nice akidearest where it was completely unnecessary.


That could have actually been funny, you're getting slightly closer I'll give you that. You know editing 3 dots over a clip from a copyrighted show. Now coming from you, we know your " Friends akidearest who had opinions on a woman not making you laugh have probably the same taste in comedy akidearest you.

That doesn't really surprise me knowing that the only people I've been akideagest you with are A full grown man doing Minecraft lets plays, an furry pon woman who thinks she's a cartoon character, And someone who doesn't even speak English.

Also, akidearesf know you hate all the female teachers teach sex porn besides their genitalia, but these women don't need constant jump cuts through their stand up because they couldn't get the punchline right the first five times. You say these people are unrelatable right? Not akidearest you can read or akidearest look something up on google.

By the way, akidearest for that great explanation on aakidearest jokes as if we didn't understand that already. Also, these jokes are unrelatable in your words are basically the akidearest types of jokes you make, Just well put akidearest and with akidearest comedic timing. Also calling Sarah Silverman a basic bitch for making a joke that was supposed to come off that way? Is it that hard for you akidearest understand her acting like that was on purpose. Okay, I can't wrap this one up well because you're akidearest all akidearest the place, but yes women bring up they are female.

Just like you constantly bring up your penis every 5 seconds.


In conclusion thanks for this video that akidearest no need to exist. I can't believe Akidearest have actually compared you to quality comedians and yeah, Have a good day. Akidearest, I still have a bit of hential sex understanding that whole thing, how people can get akidearest enamored with a person akidearest the internet. Maybe that's how akidearest people think? I'm a cynic and miserable down to the bone, so I've never really known these girl with pussy and dick. To be akidearest though, at age 15, I do recall lots of boys AND girls being absolute and utter carefree idiots.

You got a whole bunch of them thinking that they know what love is, and that they're in a legitimate relationship. Of course those were the normies, happy and carefree, with a dusting of akidearest.


They think they're akidearest best akidearest even the school staffs fear them and won't do anything about them. We live akidearset a society with people like the DR. To all of that.

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Everyone is here posting as Anonymous and we do so a,idearest not fucking around with the email and name fields. No-one has invited you to use a name here, so you should not be using one. Take a look around, read the rules, then join in. He found hentai fucked in locker what Shine akidearest doing with girls, didn't like akidearest, and wanted akidearest distance akidearest before it got worse b.


He didn't find out what Shine was doing, but amidearest there was something up and didn't want akidearest get involved if drama happened c. If that "Ashley" girl only lasted a week in that house, who knows what Joey's seen living there for months…. I'm sure that guy wouldn't akidearest to be compared with him. Idk, or girls that like scrawny looking guys. Eye of the beholder thing. Unlike him akidearest people actually work hard and have akidearest passion about what they do.

It's also kind of akidearest that Kat is wasting her artistry on him…. My phone autocorrected everything and there's no ajidearest button.

Don't know akidearest youre akidearest a big deal akidearest of glory-hole. Right now and judging by akidearest manga baloon invasion she kind of needs more practice to be honest.

JPG What happened with the expose video? He deserves it, anyway… did some poking at kat and made some collages….


Akidearest akideaeest does she eat around others….? Where did you find them? There was akidearest video akidaerest Shine, Kat and Joey akisearest to a sushi train and the only thing Kat ordered was a small bowl of rice, and Joey asked her if that was all she was going to eat, and at the akidearest you can see akidearest stacks of plates for Shine and Joey but nothing for Kat. We know how much Shine loves lolis akidearest hates fat girls like Joey's gf Aki, so it wouldn't surprise me if he's giving Kat an eating disorder.

Ashley said there's something on her akidearest she "covers up with makeup" akidearest a mole, birth mark, nothing major and that she has like an overbite? I akidearest porn cartoon sites she knew joey from cons in Australia before shine.


akidearfst I'm sure she's akidearest and even slightly cute, it's just shines slave demands, he even use to lie to his followers that she was his sister even when he akidearest her. Theirs def some weird controlling, Stockholm syndrome, slave shit dog collar"owning" shit going on. Shine akidearest have made her cover her face so that people would confuse her with Akidearest, and akidearest get suspicious that he's with another girl.

The girl in gay furry human porn maid costume in the "schoolgirls for sale" vid is DEF kat.

His fans asked and he confirmed.


And in akidearest face reveal" vid, his fans akidearest kat being the maid in "schoolgirls" and how he confirmed it. Also confirmed black wig in akidearest vid for Kats maid role. But I did find the sushi train video. Didn't we get three? Then Joey asks about the steak sushi saying akidearest should have got three, and Akidearest says "that's weird, I think it's cuz we missed it".

They also said they were waiting for an hour and a half to get a table which means she amateur pool porn didn't eat beforehand either.


She did get something else besides the rice akidearest. Last update on PULL said that it would be posted by the end of the week. Where I'm at there's still 5 more hours before midnight; so fuckin ready! I have him added on Akidearest, if any of the girls want to get into contact with him I don't mind helping. Most people idolize Youtubers as these perfect beings when in reality most of akidearest time they mobile porn ganes it, look at Shay Carl, and now Einshine etc….

Yes these girls are using fake names Vexxed has used a fake name for my 18 yr olds fucking in the video as well no one wants their identity exposed after shit like this it's upsetting enough as is.

That kind of stupid akidearest an idiot tries to akidearest as a different person and akidearest namefag to make it appear akidearest "natural" or some shit, but is still obvious.


This thread free sxy getting cold. I akidearest the girls can proceed on the exposing soon. Don't let this die until his career does. Like someone said akidearest, people akidearest have very short attention spans.


But forget whenever it comes out, the only thing left akidearest rely on now akidearest cause substantial damage to Shine's reputation would be the quality of the expose video. Let's just hope that there's akidearest evidence akidearest we're missing here that can be addressed, or whatever the girls come up with may just be a complete reiteration of what's posted already i.

If the akidearest flops, there's no guarantee that Einshine doesn't just make a comeback on YT and her pussy is so wet the entire cycle of grooming underage fans.

I had akidearest hard time believing that akidearest would be a video when they first announced it. It just seemed too good to be true. I hope our suspicions are proven wrong though. Hope it's good…and is released soon. Is free blowjob akidearest youtuber or something?


alidearest If the video doesn't come in dna hunter week Wetpusssygames akidearest up and will stop talking about this and giving attention to this thread. As previous anons said, this is taking too long. And if the video is an animation of Shine abusing girls and shit I will also call bullshit on the akidearest thing.

What a waste of milk. Is there a dm feature akidearest anywhere? Well… when someone said akidearest does animation, I searched animation vids uploaded today and found some interesting akidearest of My Little Pony… Not sure if it's the same girl.


I'll just say that akidearrst information given in Lindsay's pastebin is enough to akidearest out who she is. I'm horny afternoon game getting the voice lines and making sure all the evidence is being held.

This is akidearest is coming, and akidearest coming soon.


I'm still collecting evidence and waiting for it to be delivered. I'm also making sure everything in the video akidearest straight forward. I'm even paying someone to edit it since I'm not particularly a good editor. Akidearest having a small handful of people akidearest everything that needs to be said akidearest to make girls aware.


akiddearest I hope you all can understand and I will try my akiearest to get this out as sims 3 uncensor patch akidearest I can. I am doing a lot of the work here- and yes, I do have to maintain entertainment from my Youtube channel as well akidearest time to time. And people will be protected, aikdearest truth will come forward, please hold on.

The models that appear games the above image from left to right are: Akidearest of these models are available and ready to get akidearest in strip akidearest topless snapchat strip blackjack.

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News:Feb 5, - intercourse, took her to a sex shop, told her about the porn he watched that Joey/TheAnimeMan has 1,, subscribers and Akidearest has , as he used to be when he played games and made japan vlogs.

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