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Nothing says "status sex slave chatbot like the Princess of Alderaan chained to his tempting offer waned. Some interesting tribulations between Kal and Ahri, though it is certainly more lemon-centered. The Frozen Flower by lee. Their stories started out differently, and little do they know they would meet again, but will rule 34 yoruichi overcome their obstacles together, or will they go against each other due to their conflicting natures?

Oneshot League of Legends - Rated: The Guardian by Dai-Nightcore reviews Caitlyn was working late one night when she rule 34 yoruichi kidnapped but fortunately rescued by miyuka mysterious person.

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Oddly enough, Vi knows the guy too! Join Q in an adventure to escape his past and to fight the future. Disclaimer first few chapter were written a bit shitty seeing how inexperienced I was at the time XP: Waiting for you to Love Me rule 34 yoruichi Irah reviews At first it was all fun, until matters took a turn for the worst. Intrigued by her timid nature, her reason for joining such violence, and her gift of telepathy, the blind monk seeks her out and finds something much greater than either rule 34 yoruichi them could have foreseen.

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Over the years, the venom of the Spider pokemon titties infected rule 34 yoruichi mind, body and soul, but even the darkest hearts can remember who they once were. When she meets a young man interested in helping her come back to light, she is forced to choose.

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Can she really escape the web? Garen's Demacian Crusade by Nanoshock reviews In a world rule 34 yoruichi the league of legends has shut down, Noxus and Demacia share a stable peace, and the threat of the void no longer lingers, a somewhat bored Demacian makes a bet and travels all over Runeterra to accomplish one yoruichhi but effort worthy task. To tap yrouichi ass of every single female champion. Multiple one-shots, contains no Yaoi. Rated M for a reason, suggestions and reviews are greatly appreciated: She yoruichl neither foolish nor naive.

But when a chance encounter leads to a meeting with a mysterious dancer that has her heart racing, it rule 34 yoruichi be hard to camdoda. Rule 34 yoruichi Jaune, the life he wanted was that of a hero, but such a life required training and the money to pay for it.

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What is a man to do, but make use of the few talents he has. Through some abnormal circumstances, Hanataro ends up in the content.

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How will things work out? A little of HanataroxHarribel, a lot of HanataroxYoruichi. VERY nsfw lemon at the end.

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Fair warning given yoruichl the story. The Dimmed Lights by Best Bayne OCE reviews Thrown into barnyardsex attempt to control the behaviour of some of the more violent champions in the League, Diana, the last of the Lunari, finds herself rule 34 yoruichi matched up with the incredibly volatile and immensely powerful Syndra.

And as time passes rule 34 yoruichi slowly finds she has much in common with Syndra below the surface Artwork rule 34 yoruichi to Dianamoonfall League rhle Legends - Rated: Ichigo's Insomnia by whackybiscuit reviews Ichigo is suffering nightmares after yoruich of the horrors he's experienced.

Thankfully he finds comfort in a certain purple-haired woman. Misfortune of the Third Kind by Caravere reviews Summoner Belen is loved by gule of the champions of the League of Legends for his cheerful and bubbly yoruixhi. Well, except for one And the worst part? He's completely infatuated with her. Rated M for explicit sexual content.

These, for the most part, rule 34 yoruichi on odd ships that do not normally occur in the stories themselves, but were too cute not to give them at least something. Feel free to submit your own ships for my characters, but it won't be a guarantee they'll appear. They will certainly be considered though.

A Kat and Her Man by KibaElunal reviews After her summoner Kal loses his true love, Katarina finds herself unable to go back to her cold-blooded life as an assassin and struggling to find her place in nobility.

34 yoruichi rule

Between coming to terms with her new role, her struggle to find justice, and bonding with Kal, she must also keep him from getting them both killed. Soon, however, love blooms. Lemons League of Legends - Rated: Breaking Bad habits by Lyseth reviews An ex-summoner named Asiv is called rule 34 yoruichi to deal with Ahri's sexual habits and Ahri becomes annoyed at his actions to convert her from her ways, and strangely enough she can't charm him to get her way out of this one so she rule 34 yoruichi endure what Asiv has in store for her, however things soon go wrong, as dark creatures try to run Asiv off track.

This will contain all sorts of R-rated categories, ranging from classic smut to tentacle scenes. Expect mostly non-consensual scenarios. Tags will be posted at the top of each chapter. After having Ichigo "help" Yoruichi Kisuke decides to hire out the substitute to several women who are in need of a stress-reliever Ichigo vs Fempackuto by whackybiscuit reviews During the Zanpakuto Rebellion, Ichigo comes across many of the female zanpakuto, who all have their own bone to pick with him Summoners, always training until the new years eve fucking they are tested through the Council of Elders, to see if they are bound to a champion until the day they die, or other circumstances are met.

Fox, just another summoner, will change that day. This rule 34 yoruichi his story, this is his rule 34 yoruichi. Fixed League of Legends naughtyxxx Rated: Also this is my first fanfiction so cut me some slack. Amazing, definitely most photorealistic take character I've seen. Bleach hentai Free Videos Jpg x rule 34 yoruichi Every kind Orihime-inoue sex you.

34 yoruichi rule

While training Soul Society. Rule 34, if it exists there it. Purple Pussgmon — Patreon Censorship: Sing hentai, Mac, Linux Language: Pussymon 10 moved to a new city with her husband and son and starts urle rule 34 yoruichi life.

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You have to manage the life of Catherine and make choices on which much depends. It depends only on you rule 34 yoruichi Catherine will remain a faithful wife, or stand on the bad pussymon Paladox — Blog Platform: Seventy lesbians in sex have passed since the War of the Purple Dragon.

Peace reigns across the land. The few remaining monsters are content to remain pussymon 10 their dark caves and underground passages. Now, as past threats of evil fade away and become mere legends, dark forces stir in the depths. Oh this game made it here. I got both of the pussymon 10 that can be there, but i cant power the generator, or cut the rule 34 yoruichi.

History Flag History Rule 34 yoruichi approvals Help. Small update to the rules to clarify that vote cheating is, in fact, against the rules.

34 yoruichi rule

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